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Koratty Muthi
St.Mary's Church Koratty

Face Lift to the Marian Pilgrim Centre at Koratty, Kerala

General data

  • Title of the Project: Face Lift to the Marian Pilgrim Centre at Koratty
  • Applicant : Very Rev. Fr.Jose Paul Nellissery, Forance Vicar, St.Mary’s Forane Church, Koratty.
  • Legal Holder : Archdiocese of Ernakulam - Angamaly
  • Bank : Catholic Syrian Bank, Ernakulam.
  • FCRA Number : 052890009
  • Duration : 1 year
  • Total Cost : Rs. 12,67,274.00 (US $ 29,471.5)for the First Stage
  • Local Contribution: Rs.2,00,000/-
  • Aid Requested : Rs. 10,67,274.00 (US $ 24,820.3)

The Project - In Stages

It is our ardent desire to develop this Marian Pilgrim centre further by giving it a much-needed facelift. The Parish committee has decided to undertake several beautification and renovation measures in this regard, as given under.

Stage I

The Church plans to depict the 15 Mysteries of the Rosary (or rossary )in attractive embossing in the Church Premises, so that the faithful can have a prayerful atmosphere and derive immense spiritual solace by seeing these biblical themes.

It is proposed to make a long paved pathway with hand railings to the podium, where the famous, age - old statue of Our Lady, also called the “Koratty Muthy” is kept for Public veneration during the Feast.

It is also Proposed to beautify the Church premises, befitting a famous Shrine, with gorgeous lawns and a Pieta in the midst.

It is also proposed to engrave “Hail Mary” the traditional Prayer in at least 5 International Languages and all major Indian Languages so that all the pilgrims feel at home, comfortable in their dialect. Moreover this shall also revive the feeling of spiritual oneness and national integrity.

The Church plans to display a relief work depicting the Palestinian Map and earmarking the sacred Pilgrim Centers relating to the Life and History of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is proposed to display another relief work depicting the sacred places where apparitions of Our Lady had taken place and describing in detail the exact spot, year, the blessed ones to whom Our Lady had appeared and her message.

Stage II

The Church plans to set up a museum explaining the History of the Church, the initiation of Christianity at Koratty and the folklore behind the Marian Devotion at Koratty and various facets from the Bible.

Financial Aid for the Realization of Our dream

As most of the funds of the Church is being utilized for its various social and apostolic works we have no allocation of funds to take care of the above mentioned needs. Parishioners and devotees of “Koratty Mutthy” have contributed generously for the Project. “Face Life of the Marian Pilgrim Centre”.

We would be extremely grateful to you if you could make a careful perusal of our needs and our contemplated work and grace us by your kind benevolence, which could motivate us to go ahead with our dreams about this pilgrim centre. We shall be glad to send you further details if needed.

Proposed Budget for the First Stage


  Construction of a compound wall
  Renovation of the Main Gate and Entrance
  Rosary Relief Post, 15 Nos,
Rs. 12,240,00 X 15
  Centre cross Portion
  Flower Bed, Flower Bucket and Partitions
  Garden Seats, 24 Nos
  Rossary way Entrance, Setting area,
Small Path (Pavings)
  Grass Planting
  Toilet Facilities
  Relief work of Palestinian Map
  Relief work of Apparitions
  Hail Mary Engravings
  Service Charges
  Grand Total
(US $ 29,471.5)     
  Proposed Budget for the Second Stage Including the Building.
(US $ 69,767.4)     


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